Where I Come From

Circular Congregational Church, Charleston SC

Before I delve too much into my travels and other places I’ve visited, I wanted to share with you my love for Charleston. It’s amazing how we take for granted the place we were raised. Growing up thirty minutes outside of Charleston, it was a place to be avoided. There is the ominous hospital, the traffic, and the tourists. However, once you are inside Charleston (and parked) you open the car door to the smell of salt marsh. Then your feet fall on the same ground that George Washington, Edgar Allan Poe, and so many others have walked on—you can’t help but get a sense of nostalgia that you can’t quite understand. You can’t understand it because it does not belong to you, it belongs to the city. From the beautiful architecture, to the cobblestone streets, to the smell of horses: Charleston is a beautiful assault on your senses.

A King Street Artist

If you’re not so into sweetgrass baskets, historic placards, and hitching posts, you can catch a concert at the Music Farm, go shopping on King Street, chase delicious food trucks, or go check out a local brewery. Although Charleston may appear to be living in the past with her horse drawn carriages, she has something for everyone. If you’ve never been to Charleston, you should definitely come, take a look around, eat our food, and drink our beer; you won’t be sorry that you did.

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