Pub Crawling in Ireland
Good Times in Ireland. From Left to Right: Emmett, Gerald, Sam, Me, Esther, and Jeremy. Pardon the Crazy Eyes.

One of my favorite nights in Ireland was when we met some locals and went pub-crawling. The owner of the bed and breakfast we were staying at recommended a local pub that would have live music. As soon as we walked in we knew, it was the pub experience we had been looking for. Sweet Irish music filled the room; there was hardly a place to sit. Some people were dancing along with the music that was so foreign to us. We walked up to the bar and ordered our drinks and two guys who were sitting there spun around and introduced themselves. One of them was ironically sporting a Budweiser shirt.

It was hard to hear them so we all leaned in close and talked. It was early in the evening but they were already feeling the effects of their beers. At first I was a little bothered by how many hugs I was getting, but then I looked around and realized it was normal. The Irish like to hug, everyone seemed to be hugging one another.

We all got a table together and had proper introductions: meet Emmett and Gerald. When the Irish fellows found out that Jeremy was traveling alone with three girls he got called a bastard… a lot. The guys asked us if we wanted to go to a different pub with them and we all nodded in unison. We were under a spell of Irish accents, Irish music, and Irish brews.

We followed them and walked to the next “pub”. We walked in the doors and to my dismay AC/DC was playing—so much for the authentic Irish experience. Following AC/DC was a host of America’s top 40 songs. Nevertheless we had a great time. Thanks to our new Irish friends, we did’t have to pay for a single drink; we danced, and we talked. We had a very deep conversation about whether Irish women shave their armpits. The guys didn’t seem to know the answer. We repeatedly heard questions like, “Did ye know ye have beautiful eyes?” Jeremy passed out a lot of warnings. We didn’t leave until the club closed.

As we were leaving I asked the guys if they worked, it was a Monday night turned Tuesday morning after all. They said yes, they had to be to work at 8. The Legends are true. The Irish drink! Imagine that. It was a really fun night and all of us have kept in touch with our new friends. Thanks for the fun night, boys! Hopefully, we’ll all meet again some day.

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