Photo Friday

So last week, I did “Picture Friday” and I find that “Photo Friday” just flows so much better off the tongue.  So here on out it is dubbed “Photo Friday”.  Once again I’ll be showing you a small collection of photos that would probably never make it into a post.  I hope you enjoy them.

This picture just says Charleston to me.  If you’ve never been here iron gates are peppered throughout the city.  Usually accompanied by ivy or some other picturesque plant that makes you stop and wonder how something manmade and something from the earth could ever mesh so well.

Charleston Iron Work
Quintessential Charleston

Have you ever heard of Feuerzangenbowle??  I hadn’t either until my brother-in-law moved to Germany.  He and his lovely wife sent us the tool and sugar cone we needed to make this fabulously festive Christmas drink.  Consisting of wine, oranges, spices, sugar, and 151–this drink is to die for.

Making German Fire Punch or Feuerzangenbowle for the first time.

I really miss Costa Rica.  There are so many colorful plants and animals there.

Butterfly Costa Rica
A butterfly in Costa Rica

I snapped this while we were in Philadelphia.  I’m always drawn to shutters and doors.  They have the potential to add so much character to a building’s facade.

Window Shutters
So, I have a thing for shutters and cool doors.

Did I mention that I miss Costa Rica?  How sweet are this mother and her baby??  I snapped this at Manuel Antonio Parque Nacional.

Mother and Baby Monkey
I know this isn’t the best shot ever, but aren’t these two adorable?
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