Photo Friday

Happy Friday!!  Our big news for the week is that we booked our anniversary trip.  After much contemplation the winner is:  Scotland!  We are so excited!  I’m ready to pack my bags and drink scotch, scotch, scotch.  We would love to hear your suggestions of must see places and fantastic restaurants.  :)

Here are some new pictures for you guys to check out:

Meteor Shower

Jeremy snapped this shot during a meteor shower we had a few months ago.  It was freezing cold outside, but it was a really fun night.

Children's Museum Pegs

I actually took this picture at a children’s museum in Austin, Texas.  I was there with family; I thought these glowing pegs were cool.

Charleston, SC

And my usual ode to Charleston.  From the pastel color, to the ironwork, to the live oak tree, to the unmistakeable architecture–this is Charleston.  Can you imagine living in a house like this?  I always thought it would be so cool, but then again you would have to deal with weird people (like me) taking pictures of your house.

Thanks for swinging in and taking a peek.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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