Photo Friday

Are y’all ready for the weekend??  I definitely am.  I hope you guys like the selection of pictures I came up with for this Friday.  They have nothing to do with one another, other than the fact that they all grabbed my eye.

World War II Memorial Fountain

This is the World War II Memorial Fountain in Washington, D.C.  I really loved the way the light was hitting it.  It really is a gorgeous tribute to our veterans.

Highland Cattle

These furry babies are highland cattle.  This picture was taken during a fall trip to Blowing Rock, NC.  If you’ve never been to Blowing Rock, stop what you’re doing and go right now.  It’s just what you need.  Trust me.

Skull Rock

I found this intriguing rock on the beach right down from our hotel in Costa Rica.  It’s kind of ominous don’t you think?

Sullivan's Island, SC

And last, but not least this stunning picture taken by Jeremy out at Sullivan’s Island.  I love everything about this picture.  From the sunset, to the kids playing, to the bird, the sailboat, and gorgeous Charleston in the distance.  I want to exist inside of this photo.

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