Philadelphia Teaser

Market Street in Philadelphia

Jeremy and I arrived in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon and hit the ground running. After we dropped our luggage off at our hotel we set out without a plan. That is our favorite way to see a city—to get lost in it.

A mural made out of tiles
A beautiful mural made out of TILES!

We are staying in Center City and I’ll admit, I am majorly intimidated. Growing up in Charleston, I’m not used to the claustrophobic feeling that comes when you are surrounded by high-rises. Not to mention the congestion and pollution that are a part of a big city. Philly is a whole new world for me. As Jeremy and I walked along I was so happy that we came across Old City. It is so much closer to what I expected from Philly. This historic area is full of charming architecture, coffee shops, fountains, bookstores, and antique shops. Not to mention, there is a rich slice of history literally at every corner.

Abandoned Building in the Middle of Old City
Abandoned Building in the Middle of Old City

I’ll definitely go into more details soon on what we are seeing here in Philadelphia and what we learn along the way, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you from our first day.

China Town, Philadelphia
China Town

I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to tell me what we should definitely see (or eat) while we’re here!

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