The National Zoo

When we visited Washington, D.C. the National Zoo was one of my favorite stops.  It is a part of the Smithsonian making it completely free to visit.  In line with most places in D.C.–the zoo has history.  It was founded in 1889 by an act of Congress for “the advancement of science and the instruction […]

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Red Panda

Photo Friday

So last week, I did “Picture Friday” and I find that “Photo Friday” just flows so much better off the tongue.  So here on out it is dubbed “Photo Friday”.  Once again I’ll be showing you a small collection of photos that would probably never make it into a post.  I hope you enjoy them. […]

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Charleston Iron Work


If you’ve never been to this blog, let me just tell you.. I LURVE Bill Murray.  I met him once and it was a most unfortunate story that you can read here.  I promised myself then that if I ever had the opportunity again, I would be way cooler…. and, I almost was, almost. For […]

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Bill Murray

Picture Friday

Do you ever have weeks where you lack all motivation?  Whether it’s motivation to run, to do laundry, or in my case, to write.  I just couldn’t seem to get it together this week.  Sorry about that. I’m feeling a definite lack of inspiration this week for some reason.  So, for the sake of just […]

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White Peacock

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Jeremy and I were in Austin, Texas mid March.  He was there for work, and I took that time to see some sights.  One of my favorite places that I got visit was Hamilton Pool Preserve. It’s a collapsed grotto that is absolutely stunning.  In the summer it’s a favorite swimming hole to the locals, but […]

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Hamilton Pool Preserve Waterfall