My Favorite Free Things to Do in Philly

Philadelphia was such a fun place to visit.  Similarly to Charleston, there is something historical everywhere you turn.  The great thing about historical places–besides the fact that they are fascinating–they are usually free.  This mostly held true in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin's Grave, Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin’s Grave

1.  Benjamin Franklin’s Grave:  Technically, you can see Benjamin Franklin’s grave through the fence for free.  However, if you want to walk through the Christ Church Burial Ground, it costs $2.00.  I would recommend doing this.  Many signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried there; not to mention, old cemeteries have a macabre beauty about them.

Liberty Bell Crack
The Liberty Bell

2.  The Liberty Bell:  This is so worth seeing.  While no longer functional the Liberty Bell is so symbolic for America and all that she stands for.  Take the time to walk through the little museum and learn some American history.

Independence Hall, Philadelphia
Independence Hall

3.  Independence Hall:  The history in these rooms is tangible.  Both replicas and authentic memorabilia from the times that these rooms were used still remain.  The floors creaked under the weight of signers of our Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Hobo Nickels
Hobo Nickels via:

4. The US Mint:  I haven’t written about this place in depth yet, but I found it to be really interesting.  Taking a tour is free and self guided so you can walk through at your own pace.  A small museum gives you a glimpse at the way money used to be made.  There are also rare coins on display, including hobo nickels, which I think may have been my favorite.  Then you can walk through hallways which look down at the production of coins as the steps are explained to you.  It was really interesting and worth doing.

The Poe House Basement
Edgar Allan Poe House

5.  The Edgar Allan Poe House:  I am an English Major and I love Poe so I adored this part of our visit to Philadelphia.  The house is creaky and dusty and just so right for Poe.

Terminal Bros Neon Sign
Reading Terminal Market

6.  The Reading Terminal Market: My loves for shopping and food collided at the Reading Terminal Market.  This might have been my favorite part of Philadelphia.  The apple dumplings were to die for and the people watching was top notch.

Philadelphia was a really fun visit and with these free activities you can definitely fill up a long weekend on a dime.  Not to mention, if you stay in Center City or Old City everything is in walking distance.  If you’ve never been to Philadelphia, go!  It’s worth your time.


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