Mürren, Switzerland

Mountain views from Mürren, Switzerland

After the wedding, Jeremy and I snuck off by ourselves for a few days to Mürren. During our adventures in Europe, Switzerland was by far the most expensive place that we encountered. A cup of black coffee, no refills, was $9! So, we stayed in Switzerland for a total of three days.

Mountain Road in Mürren, Switzerland

The city we chose to stay in was Mürren. It’s the city with the highest altitude in Switzerland that is continuously occupied (5,413 ft above sea level). We wanted to experience the Alps, so we thought this would be a good choice. The only way to reach Mürren is by cable car. Once you are brought up the mountain, you are taken from the cable car station by train to the actual town of Mürren.

Mountain View in Mürren, Switzerland

Although it was summer, it was chilly, rainy, and extremely foggy. We were high enough to be literally in the clouds, and in the clouds we stayed for two days. We had paid a premium price to have a room with a very cool balcony at the top of the Swiss Alps and yet, when we were out there we couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of us.

A bird on the hotel balcony
The view from our balcony the first two days.

On the third day, the clouds lifted and the sight before us was unbelievably beautiful. It was something out of a postcard. We went for a hike that day and there were rolling hills filled with wildflowers, snow peaked mountains, and even a mountain dog on the trail with us. For once, something was just as magnificent as I had expected it to be.

Gorgeous mountain views from Mürren
The view from our balcony the third day.

Mürren is a quiet town–there are only about 350 residents. There are also no personal-use cars there; we saw only two service cars. Everything closes down early. It is also very expensive. To maximize our funds while we were there we purchased prosciutto, dry fruit, and cheese from the local grocery store, Coop. We ate this for lunch. At night, we would spend our money in restaurants. And, ironically, one of the best restaurants we tried there was a Chinese restaurant called Tham. Best pork-fried-rice I’ve had in my life. I still think about it. If you ever visit Switzerland you have to be sure to try roosti. The closest thing I can compare it to are hashbrowns made from the freshest ingredients and fried to a crispy perfection. They are absolutely divine and I’m definitely not hungry as I write this.

Jeremy and Annie surrounded by wildflowers in Mürren, Switzerland

Mürren is a beyond-words beautiful place. You will feel like you are in the middle of The Sound of Music. It is the epitome of picturesque and it’s so worth visiting.

Dandelion in Mürren, Switzerland

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