Country Road in Ireland

Oh, Ireland. Ireland is going to forever be a part of me. It’s hard to believe that being somewhere for only days can leave such an impression. Have you ever met someone and you clicked right away—you just knew you were going to be friends? That is what it was like for Ireland and myself. I just knew we were going to be friends.

Red Door in Ireland

Flying into Ireland was something I’ll never forget—expanses of rolling green hills speckled with fluffy sheep. It just seemed right. Like we were flying back to a time past, when life was simpler. Once we landed, it was back to reality. Stepping off the plane into a bustling airport. Here we met our friend Sam, and collected our rental car. Once again Jeremy was in charge of driving on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car.

Old Church in Ireland

We had our first pub experience between Ireland and Cork. It was dark, drab, and perfect. Deer heads and beer signs adorned the walls. Sam had a bug in her drink. Somehow, it seemed so legit.


My favorite times in Ireland were when we were just driving and exploring the countryside. It is so beautiful there. There are two-way roads that are barely wide enough for one car; sheep; cows; and abandoned castles. As you drive you’ll come to a small village, and when you pass through it you’ll be back to the narrow winding road, until you come to the next small village.

Cows in Ireland

The people of Ireland are friendly. They want to know who you are and what you are about. We got to meet our fair share of locals; I’ll write about our night “pub-crawling” with them soon.

Vista in Ireland

I have a ton more to say about Ireland, so there will be plenty of posts to come. I don’t think many people need convincing to visit this beautiful country but if you are on the fence for some reason: GO! It’s beautiful, and perfect, and affordable. The people are friendly; the beer is flowing; and the stew is hot.

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