Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas

The week before we left for Mexico was a beast.  As if a cancer scare wasn’t enough, Jeremy had to work an 89 hour week (yes, as in one week) to get ready for SXSW.  (His team’s app is doing great by the way, if you haven’t downloaded it yet you really should!)  Anyhow, nine days at an all-inclusive resort was exactly what the doctor ordered.  We packed our bags and headed to the airport.  In true notjustabroad traveling fashion, our flight was canceled.  I refused to get upset, I refused to cry.  I had been through worse things this week, after all.  I stood in the stupidly long line while on the phone with American Airlines and got our flight rescheduled for the next day.  We would have to fly out of Columbia, that was the only catch.  So we rented a car and were on our way.  I drove while Jeremy worked.  The missed day of vacation was a blessing in disguise.  When we arrived in Columbia I slept pretty much the entire day and Jeremy got his work FINISHED so that when we would get to Mexico he could truly relax.  He was the reason we were going in the first place–for his 30th birthday!  (Happy Birthday, Jeremy!!!)

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The front of the Resort

When we finally arrived in Cancun we got our rental car and were on our way to our resort.  It never ceases to amaze me how when you arrive somewhere it is never what you expect.  I knew that Cancun would be touristy but when the first things you see are a Walmart, a Sam’s Club, an Office Max,  and a Porsche dealership your ideas of authentic Mexico are shot.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas Loby
Stained Glass Ceiling in the Lobby

We finally arrive at our resort and my many hours of research have paid off.  It is gorgeous.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas Lobby
The Lobby

To walk in out of the heat into the cool air conditioning, to see the aqua marine water through the windows, and to be offered a welcome drink right away.  We were ready for this.  So ready.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The View from the Lobby

We got checked in and then painfully took the following pictures of our room.  All I wanted to do was throw on my swimsuit and get to the beach, so you’re welcome.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The Bed, obviously

Our room was super comfortable.  My only complaint is that the shower was more or less a hole in the wall.  It was roomy but there was NO light.

Riu Palace Las Americas
The Dark Shower

So when the shower curtain was closed it was rather dark and ominous.  Also, the bathroom could use a fan for um.. personal reasons.

Riu Palace Las Americas
The Bathroom, obviously

This resort was magnificent.

Riu Palace Las Americas
Our Balcony, obviously

We walked up the beach in both directions and our resort had one of the best beach locations by far.  Many of the other resorts had very rocky beaches that were strewn with glass and the water seemed almost dangerous to swim in because of the large rocks that were peppered along the bottom.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The View from our Balcony

There are two pools at the Riu Palace Las Americas and one hot tub.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The Party Pool

There are also multiple restaurants to choose from.  All but one of them require dinner reservations and they do book up very quickly.  However, the buffet restaurant that does not require a reservation always offered something new and delicious.  One night they had crab legs and lobster.  Not too shabby for a buffet.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The Main Pool

If you are in the mood for ultimate relaxation, I could not recommend this resort more highly.  Every few minutes staff comes by to ask you if you want a drink: Of course I do.  If you’re hungry it’s a short walk to the nearest restaurant, or you can order room service 24 hours a day.  If you get too hot take a dip in the cool ocean, if you get too cold in the ocean, take a dip in the warm hot tub.  It really is quite the life.  Take me back.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas

The staff is pleasant and often hilarious.  I had fun practicing my Spanish and asking everyone where I could find some horchata.  You would think you could find some horchata in Mexico, right?  It’s not easy.

Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
The Resort from the Beach

If you’re planning a trip to Cancun I can’t recommend this resort more highly.

Missing Paradise,


P.S.  I’m not being paid for this (sadness).  All of the opinions are my own.

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