Give me the Drugs: Paris Edition

Once again, I have no pictures for this little adventure of mine so please enjoy a random assortment of pictures from Paris.

Eiffel Tower Reflection
Reflection of the Eiffel Tower: Photo by Esther Martin Co-Owner of Bella Porta Photography

As soon as we landed in Paris it was clear that I was in need of medical attention. The airport staff called an ambulance for me. The kind EMT that showed up didn’t speak any English and I definitely don’t speak any French. They checked my vitals and repeatedly tried to ask me questions that I didn’t understand. After spending days exhausted and unable to sleep; days thirsty and unable to keep down a drop of water; and days without food—I was ready to feel better. They loaded me up in the ambulance; only Jeremy was able to come along, so Sam and Esther had to wait behind in the airport terminal.

Parisian Street Artist
Parisian Street Artist: Photo by Esther Martin Co-Owner of Bella Porta Photography

They took me to a hospital that was inside of Charles de Gaulle Airport. Although it was still at the airport the ambulance ride was fifteen minutes long. When we got there they rolled me inside and I listened as the EMT talked to the nurse and doctor. The doctor spoke a small bit of English but not enough for us to be able to communicate clearly.

After they put me in a room the nurse came in and was trying to give me an IV. This was terrifying because I had no idea what they were giving me. She couldn’t find my vein because I was extremely dehydrated so that was an ordeal that I don’t care to relive. However, once she tapped my vein and the fluids started flowing through my body I could feel myself slowly begin rejuvenate.

Paris street art
Parisian Street Art

After I was as settled in as I was going to get, Jeremy told me he needed to go and find Sam and Esther. I really didn’t want him to leave me there, but I knew that he would have to go eventually.

I finally nodded off to sleep for the first time in days. When I woke up, to my terror, the line to the IV was full of blood and it was starting to seep into the bag. The IV wasn’t on wheels; it was attached to the bed so I wasn’t sure how to get the nurse. There was no call button, so I waited for a while but she never came to check on me. Finally, I ripped the bag off of the pole and went looking for someone. When I found the nurse she flew off in a flurry of French that I didn’t understand. She removed the needle from my arm and walked me back to my bed.

The Louvre
The Louvre

I started to feel claustrophobic and scared. I didn’t know where Jeremy, Esther, or Sam were. I had no way to contact them. I was stuck in a hospital that was accidentally draining my blood. I was exhausted and drugged and to say that I was starting to panic would be an understatement.

Finally, about an hour later Jeremy got back with Sam and Esther. The doctor wrote down the name of a medicine for us to pick up at a local pharmacy. We paid them $50 and we were on our way to our flat in Paris.

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