Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens is one of my absolute favorite places, and in my opinion the hidden gem of Charleston, SC.  While it’s definitely not in Charleston proper, in fact, it’s out in the sticks, it is definitely worth the drive.

Cypress Gardens
Mr. Water Lily

It has all of the natural beauty you could ever ask for.  Every time we visit Cypress Gardens we see something new.

Cypress Gardens Spider
Mr. Jewelled Spider

If you didn’t already catch on from previous posts, I love visiting the swamp.  I realize that is a weird thing to say, but there is something so purely southern about a swamp; it feels authentic and alive with the essence of the eastern United States.

Cypress Gardens, SC

The plant life is unique and if you will stop and listen and watch you are bound to see something absolutely gorgeous.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Turtle

Cypress Gardens has something for everyone.  There are walking trails, row boats, indoor exhibits, butterfly houses, church ruins, and a cemetery.

Cypress Gardens Kittredge Gravesite
Kittredge Gravesite

It’s an excellent locale for photography.

Cypress Garden, SC

We’ve never gone without seeing something fun to take pictures of.  It’s also a great place to just get out, get some fresh air, and explore.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Bird

While the “swamparium” is definitely not my favorite part of Cypress Gardens it does offer a glimpse at some exotic creatures.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Anaconda

The parrots that they have outside are always entertaining.  They sing and talk and act crazy.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Parrot

I always lose time while in the butterfly house.  Butterflies are such graceful and unpredictable creatures.  The challenge of getting a good shot of one is addicting and almost becomes a game.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Butterfly

Without fail, we’ll take out a rowboat and go searching for alligators.  We usually find at least one.  One time we even had a baby alligator follow our boat through the swamp.  We have not been to Cypress since our incident with the alligator at Cumberland Island and I wonder if I’ll enjoy the rowboats so much in the future…

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Alligator

Cypress Garden’s beauty has also been the backdrop for many movies, most recently, Cold Mountain and The Notebook.  If you are blessed enough to live in Charleston or if you get the opportunity to visit please, please stop by Cypress Gardens.  In my opinion, it’s an absolute must.

Cypress Gardens, SC
Mr. Bridge




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