Cortona, Italy

On our grand Tour de Europe we left off talking about Venice.  From Venice we rented a car and road tripped our way to Cortona, Italy.

The Cow
The Cow on the Road Trip

Hindsight is 20/20 and I unfortunately planned our trip in such a way that we were rushed.  We only had one day in Venice and we only had one day in Cortona because I wanted to leave ample time for our next stop: Rome.

Italy Countryside
View from our Drive to Cortona

I truly wish that we had more time in Cortona.  It is such an authentic and gorgeous city.  Yes, there were a few souvenir shops, but only a few.  Cortona sits in the middle of Tuscany; it’s an ancient walled city set on a hill.

Cortona, Italy
The Outer Wall

The city is full medieval architecture; steep hills to be dominated; and narrow, cobbled alleyways to be explored.

Cortona, Italy

We adored every second that we walked around and explored this little town.

Cortona, Italy

There was also a happy coincidence:  the one night that we were in town happened to be the grand opening of a museum so we were all given free admission.  As a cherry on top, to celebrate the grand opening there was concert and a car show in the town square.

Cortona, Italy Car Show
Sexy, Sexy Cars

It was an interesting experience to walk through the museum with the old stone walls vibrating with the sounds of techno music, which emanated from outside.

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament
Rolls Royce.. Yes, Please

I didn’t realize there was no photography allowed in the museum so I got a few shots before I was yelled at.  Oops.

Cortona, Italy Museum
Ancient Writings Displayed in the Museum

After doing a little reading up on Cortona, I found the legend of the city’s founding to be supremely interesting.  Legend has it that 108 years after the flood, Noah found the area surrounding Cortona and stayed there because the land was so fertile.  Crano, one of the Noah’s descendants climbed to the hilltop and liked the view so he built the city of Cortona on the hill approximately 200 years after the flood.

Corinthian Helmet
Corinthian Soldier’s Helmet Displayed in the Museum

Our night in Cortona was full of gelato and exploring and pointing and oohing and awwing.  I do hope that some day we will get to return and give it the time that it deserves.  If you ever get the opportunity to go to Italy please stop into Cortona.  You won’t regret it.


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