Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Part 1: The Grounds

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you live somewhere you take it for granted.  Weekends are often consumed with chores and errands.  However, when I make time to get out and see my city and bask in the richness of its history, I never regret it. We made it out to Magnolia […]

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Live Oak at Magnolia Plantation

Georgetown Rice Museum

On our way home from our little jaunt in Murrells Inlet I wanted to swing into the Historic Georgetown Waterfront.  I was secretly hoping to find a shop or two open that we could meander around.  It was Sunday, the place was dead, I mean d.e.a.d. except for one little store that I thought was an […]

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Brown's Ferry Vessel

Brookgreen Gardens

While we were in Murrells Inlet we had the pleasure of walking through Brookgreen Gardens.  I gave you a brief history about the Huntington’s in my post about Huntington Beach State Park. Brookgreen Gardens is located on a 9,000 acre property which used to span four rice plantations. The Huntington’s opened Brookgreen Gardens in 1932 to […]

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Dionysus Brookgreen Gardens

Huntington Beach State Park

During our recent trip to Murrells Inlet we spent a few hours at Huntington Beach State Park.  It is a gorgeous park that is crawling with wildlife and so much untouched beauty.  It was freezing cold on the day that we chose to visit, but we didn’t let that stop us.  We bundled up and […]

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The Colors of the Swamp

Jeremy got a new toy!  A ridiculously huge (and expensive!) lens for his camera.  I must admit though, it does take gorgeous pictures. We thought the perfect place to try it out would be out at Caw Caw County Park because there is always a smorgasbord of wildlife out and about to snap pictures of. […]

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Caw Caw Rainbow Swamp