Brookgreen Gardens

While we were in Murrells Inlet we had the pleasure of walking through Brookgreen Gardens.  I gave you a brief history about the Huntington’s in my post about Huntington Beach State Park.

The Visionaries by Anna Hyatt Huntington
The Visionaries by Anna Hyatt Huntington

Brookgreen Gardens is located on a 9,000 acre property which used to span four rice plantations.

Dionysus Brookgreen Gardens
Dionysus by Edward Francis McCartan

The Huntington’s opened Brookgreen Gardens in 1932 to display Anna Hyatt Huntington’s sculptures.  Today more than 1,200 sculptures grace the garden’s landscape.

Turkey and Fox Squirrel at Brookgreen Gardens
The turkey wouldn’t let this fox squirrel off the pole.

There are multiple trails that you can take throughout the gardens.  Myself, being a large child, loved the wildlife area.  It’s more or less a miniature zoo that features birds, otters, deer, goats, wild turkeys, foxes, and more.

Did you know otters are incredibly hard to photograph??

While there are plenty of domesticated animals for you to look at, you should always be on the look out for wild animals as you wander through the gardens and trails.


Did you know that foxes climbed trees?  I didn’t.

Fox at Brookgreen Gardens
The more you know.

We found this snake by one of the ponds.

Banded Water Snake
Banded Water Snake

Jeremy was lugging around his colossus and we had many people stop us and tell us about an owl that was perched on top of a statue’s head.   This little fella had a bad eye and was content to sit in the same place for hours.

Owl at Brookgreen Gardens
Barred Owl

My favorite spot for sculptures was the Children’s Garden.  Like I said, large child.  But these sculptures were so fun.

Pig at Brookgreen Gardens
Ze Pig

The pig and the bat were my favorites.

Bat at Brookgreen Gardens
Ze Bat

There are also plenty of darker sculptures that are more thought provoking if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Thinker by Henry Clews
The Thinker by Henry Clews

Right on the brink of spring bits of color were popping up all over the place.  In a couple of weeks this place will be gloriously splotched with new life.

I am so ready for spring

If gardens and sculptures aren’t your thing, you can also walk through woodland trails and along the old rice fields.

Brookgreen Gardens
The view along the water.

Brookgreen Gardens is absolutely gorgeous.  I highly recommend stopping in if you’re ever in the area.




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