Beidler Forest

Beidler Forest Boardwalk
The New Boardwalk

We were out to dinner with my family and as were leaving I took  a gander at the brochures that were by the door.  Among them was a brochure for Beidler Forest and I was surprised because I had never heard of this place before.  We went the very next day.  Jeremy and I love traipsing through the forest and swamp looking for wildlife and taking pictures.  This place did not disappoint.

Cypress Knees
Cypress Knees

This post seems in perfect time for Halloween.  The day was overcast, and the canopy of cypress trees only added to the dimness of the swamp.  As we walked along we were quiet, trying not to scare away any good picture material, and branches would occasionally drop into the water below scaring us.

Spiderweb hanging from the Boardwalk
Spiderweb hanging from the Boardwalk

We saw one creepy creature after another, the forest was dismal and strewn with fungus from recent rains.  The leaves on the trees were starting to rust, and it just overall felt like fall and something from a dream.

Caterpillar at Beidler Forest
Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar at Beidler

Beidler Forest has a network of boardwalks that cut through the swamp.  You can walk out to the lake where there is a dock and some stairs you can climb to get a better view.

Turtle at Beidler Forest
Turtle out at the dock

Everything is absolutely beautiful.  The boardwalk has been recently upgraded, and it’s pristine.  As we were walking we came across a tour guide and his group just as he was pointing out a snake.  Can you find it?

Beidler Forest Cottonmouth
Can you find it????

That is one of the scary things about places like this.  Dangerous and exotic creatures are everywhere but are almost impossible to spot.  I wonder how many things we walked right past without even noticing them.  Here is the snake, a cottonmouth, in case you couldn’t find it.

Cottonmouth Beidler Forest
Scary, right?

The entire time we were walking, I hoped we would see an owl.  There was a picture of one in the brochure and I had never seen an owl in the wild before.  In the last twenty feet of our walk, there he was.  In a tree right by the edge of the boardwalk.  He turned and stared directly into my eyes and it  freaked me out a little. He was an absolutely gorgeous, if not intimidating creature.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl

So, if you haven’t been to or even heard of Beidler Forest, you should definitely go.  It’s a fun way to get in some exercise and experience a different side of South Carolina.  Go and check out our beautiful swamplands; they are teeming with natural beauty and wildlife that is not to be missed.

Cottonmouth in a tree
Cottonmouth in a tree
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