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Manuel Antonio Parque Nacional

Jul 21

Note: if you want to jump strait to some tips for visiting the park, they're at the bottom. As I mentioned previously, the main reason I wanted to go to Costa Rica was to see a sloth in the wild. But, the wildlife in general was a huge draw for…


Issimo Suites

Jul 18

This is the first time I have ever done a hotel review. These are my legit opinions. I'm not being paid (sadness). For our time in Quepos we stayed at Issimo Suites, and it was absolutely amazing! The hotel only has a handful of rooms, so it's a very intimate…


Let's Talk About Sloths

Jul 16

Jeremy and I just got home from a two-week excursion in Costa Rica. It was absolutely amazing. Oddly enough, my inspiration for wanting to go to Costa Rica was... sloths—the always-smiling fur ball of the jungle. Who can look at a picture of a sloth without saying "awwww"? I…


Just a Normal Day

Jul 13

It was a normal spring day in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. I was leaving work with my arms full of packages and mail to drop in the mailbox. I hear a man say, "How are you?" Not paying attention, I say, "Hey, I'm good. How are you?" I drop the…


That Time We Drove Into a Mountain

Jul 08

So, I love, love, love Blowing Rock, NC but we have made some interesting memories there over the years. Jeremy and I decided to go to Blowing Rock for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. The weather report said to expect snow flurries so we excitedly packed our gloves…


Blowing Rock, NC

Jul 03

I have a sentimental attachment to Blowing Rock, NC. For our first wedding anniversary Jeremy and I decided to visit the small town nestled in the mountains; we loved it so much that we went back for our 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th anniversaries as well. We weren't sure what…