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Country Road in Ireland


Sep 18

Oh, Ireland. Ireland is going to forever be a part of me. It's hard to believe that being somewhere for only days can leave such an impression. Have you ever met someone and you clicked right away—you just knew you were going to be friends? That is what it…

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Stre.am: Charleston Innovation that is Great for Travel

Sep 16

When people describe Charleston, you typically hear about the food, the hospitality, or maybe our southern accents. Not nearly so often do people describe Charleston as a growing technology hub. Well, despite our antebellum roots, Charleston is indeed home to a growing digital economy, dubbed Silicon Harbor. One of Charleston's…


The Edgar Allan Poe House, Philadelphia

Sep 12

So, I kind of nerded out with the literary stuff in Philadelphia. I had no idea when we planned the trip, but Philly is kind of the English Major's dream. There is Benjamin Franklin’s Grave, Edgar Allan Poe's House, and the Rosenbach Museum. I'll write about the Rosenbach Museum…

Benjamin Franklin's Grave, Philadelphia

Christ Church Burial Ground and Benjamin Franklin

Sep 11

I learned about Benjamin Franklin in some of my English classes as we studied his autobiography, and I found him to be absolutely fascinating. Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant man, a ladies man, and a party boy. He was hilarious and a genius—it is no wonder that to this…

Seriously, Philadelphia?

Sep 08

As I shared in my last post, Philadelphia Teaser, (I had no idea how fitting of a title that would be), we were in Philadelphia last week. On our last afternoon in town we wanted to ditch our cameras and just walk around without being weighed down with gear. It…

Philadelphia Teaser

Sep 04

Jeremy and I arrived in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon and hit the ground running. After we dropped our luggage off at our hotel we set out without a plan. That is our favorite way to see a city—to get lost in it. We are staying in Center City and I'll…